15 signs you’re with the perfect man

15- A good partner will stay with you.

When a man devotes his love and time to someone, there are no circumstances required. It is normal that, among all this time shared with the man you love, you will count good and less good times. There will be challenges and unexpected situations that will arise throughout your epic. But the ideal man will still be by your side and will be your teammate through all this.

Of course, this does not mean that you can disrespect your partner. It does not mean that you can betray his trust or expect him to stay forever. This point is about the things you went through together and that he had the integrity to not run away even in the most difficult times.

Remember, if the person you are trying to work with, do not forget to remind them that you appreciate it. A person may be nice, there is no worse feeling than giving without receiving back.

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