Pancreatic Cancer Signs and Symptoms that most people miss!

11-Lower Back Pain

According to the American Cancer Society, lower back pain in combination with abdominal pain is common with pancreatic cancer. This type of radiating pain is quite common to cancers that develop in the tail area of the pancreas. Since cancers in this location can grow quite large, they may put pressure on other nearby organs, such as the liver, stomach, gallbladder, or duodenum.

Some cancers can even grow to eventually block the bile duct, causing bile to build-up and engorge the gallbladder. Back pain will often occur when cancer spreads to the nerves around the pancreas. Patients should be wary of pain in the abdomen or lower back, as both can signify pancreatic cancer, as well as several other health conditions. Talk to your doctor immediately. Cancer that grows so large and enlarges the gallbladder may be detected during a physical exam and/or via imaging tests.

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