Pancreatic Cancer Signs and Symptoms that most people miss!

2-Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is reported by the majority of pancreatic cancer patients—approximately 80 percent claim a dull, chronic pain or ache in the upper abdominal or back region, where tumors tend to develop. In most cases, this pain seems to originate in the abdomen, then “wrap around” the body, affecting the back. Many patients also report this pain is more severe at night, and progresses from relatively mild to moderate and severe, intensifying over a period of several weeks or months. Doctors can look for tumors based on patient reports of the pain’s general location.

Approximately 50 percent of pancreatic cancer diagnoses result from patients visiting doctors complaining of abdominal pain and jaundice. These two early warning signs should never be ignored, as pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat at the best of times, and can cause major treatment challenges if it reaches an advanced stage before it is detected and diagnosed.

 Abdominal pain

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