How to compose your plate to lose weight?


Consuming large amounts of low-calorie foods (vegetables, lean meat) may help slim down in the long run through better satiety, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition concludes.

British researchers at the University of Leeds have studied how to achieve a level of satiety sufficient to avoid being hungry between meals, a key to effectively losing weight in the long run.

According to their work, to lose about 5 kilos in 3 and a half months, one should compose one’s meals generously with low-calorie food products (vegetables, lean meat, whole rice) rich in water, fiber, and protein which, in large quantity, “fill the stomach”.

Eat more by losing weight

Dr. Jacquie Lavin, head of the UK Slimming World weight management research program, which has half of the women in the study, explains that this technique of filling the plate with low-calorie products makes it possible to “eat more and feel more satisfied” while losing weight, without guilt and without worrying about the quantities.

The study participants (96), on average 41 years of age who followed this type of diet for 14 weeks, consumed 1.057 calories less per day than the others who were limited to 1400 calories per day for all foods, reports the report. ‘study. Obese or overweight at the beginning of the study, they lost 6.2% of their initial weight, about 5.8 kilos against 3.3 kilos for the second group with restricted calories.

To evaluate the levels of hunger and satiety, the researchers experimented with a 4-day test, alternating the two types of diets. When asked about their level of hunger 3 hours after breakfast and lunch, women reported on average a feeling of Hungry at 29.5 on a scale of 1 to 100, compared to 53.8 on the days they consumed caloric foods. The level of satiety reached meanwhile 56.2 days of low caloric food against 31.4 days “good”.

If 250 grams of carrots are equivalent to 20 grams of chocolate in terms of calories, the study does not say that it is important to indulge from time to time to avoid excessive snacking and disordered eating habits that respond the most. often to emotions.

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