must know principles about the Diet and Nutrition

   That being said, diet makes up 80% of your physique. It doesn’t matter if you train 110% in the gym and sleep enough if you don’t have proper nutrition. But before we delve into the role that diet plays in exercise and physiology, we must debunk one of the greatest scams that ever fooled the general public The Lipid Hypothesis. Up until the past 3 or so centuries, humans have subsisted primarily on whole grains, lots of animal proteins and fats, and whole milk. Only recently have we begun stuffing ourselves with carbohydrates and vegetable oils. It all started in the 1970s with the Lipid Hypothesis, which essentially states that fats = bad, carbs = good.

   The Lipid Hypothesis was the guiding light of government nutrition policy for the better part of 3 generations, and is just now being proved wrong and phased out; however, lobbyists in the wheat industry keep pushing to sell their grain.

   As a result, to describe current government nutritional guidelines as a mess would an understatement. Current guidelines emphasize carbs over fats and protein when in reality, science is now supporting the exact opposite.

   Your body NEEDS fat: your brain is essentially fat, your immune system depends on fat, as do your nervous system and cell membranes. Of course, while shoveling butter and lard down your throat certainly won’t benefit your health any more than depriving yourself of fat, you must eat fats to function normally. As a nation we are all terrified of the whole concept of fat, to truly eat right and nutritiously for a healthy lifestyle, we must banish our innate fear of fat, and instead realize that we need fat to function. The key to a good diet does lie neither in low-fat nor low-carb, but rather a balanced diet consisting of all three macronutrients (Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates) as all three macros perform different essential functions.

   While we’re on the subject of macros, the basics are to keep a high intake of protein and fats, especially if you’re a male. Protein is the building block of muscle, and fats are essential for proper brain, immune, and nervous system function. As stated previously, one of the biggest exposed hoaxes of the century is that eating saturated and unsaturated fats will make you fat. This is completely bogus. Not only are fats essential in that they’re in your body everywhere, but they are also the key precursor to testosterone. The higher your dietary fat intake, the higher your testosterone levels will be. And with increased testosterone comes faster healing, better sleep, and more muscle. If you have to cut back on one of your macronutrients, carbohydrates are the best choice. However, don’t go on an Atkins or Paleo diet. Carbs are still essential to a healthy lifestyle.

   There’s no need to intermittent fast or go crazy and cut out all sodium. One thing to keep in mind is the long term sustainability of a planned diet. If you don’t think can keep a diet for a year or more, don’t go on it. Short term diets may work, any weight lost will simply be gained back once you revert to your normal diet. Keep track of your calories and macros, and you’ll be fine as long as you choose healthy sources of food.

   Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals either. These come from your fruits and vegetables. Your mom was right when she told you to eat all your veggies. Meat and Wheat simply don’t provide as many vitamins and minerals as fruits and vegetables. Take a multivitamin if your dietary choices are questionable, but don’t expect that to cover all your bases and start eating chips and candy. Multivitamins are just a backup in case you missed something in your regular diet.

   However, in recent years, study after study has shown that they just don’t work, and many doctors argue the same. Overall, it is much more reliable to get your vitamins from real food. One recent phenomenon to be careful of is the processed food industry, current food processing techniques take the majority of nutrients out of food; for example, when brown rice is processed into white rice it loses many vitamins, the same goes for bread.

   A good rule of thumb is that what you’re eating should be as close to its natural state as possible; if your food has been processed 6 ways till Sunday. It is likely that many of the raw nutrients that your body craves to perform at its peak have been removed.