The Method To Lose Weight in The Long Run


Exit the draconian diets that often end in a … bide.

When you want to lose weight fast, it’s hard to resist the temptation of drastic diets or “miracles” that promise to eliminate unwanted pounds in just a few days.

However, these draconian diets often end up in a … bide. Of course, the dramatic weight loss that such short-term diets entail may suggest that they are effective or even dramatic. But most of the lost weight is due to dehydration and loss of muscle. In other words, not only do the drastic diets make you lose muscle mass (up to 20% depending on the diet) but they do not draw in your fat. On the contrary, by suddenly changing your food intake and depriving your body of essential nutrients, the latter will store in the form of fat all the calories ingested in anticipation of a possible famine. And here, hello effect yoyo!

In a study, researchers at Drexel University in the United States also confirmed what had been suspected for a long time: the best way to lose weight is to reduce its caloric intake steadily. Exit the drastic regimes.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers studied 183 obese and overweight people aged 18 to 65 (80% of whom were women) who followed a one-year weight loss program. The latter used meal replacements reduced their calorie intake and increased their physical activity.

They found that participants who lost a consistent, reasonable amount of weight week after week, the first 6 weeks, lost more weight in one year than those who had dramatic results in the first few weeks following a drastic diet. “Developing stable, repetitive eating behaviors early in a weight loss program helps maintain weight change over the long term,” says Dr. Emily Feige, principal investigator of the study.

Choose a weight loss program that you just will hold for the future, week once a week, notwithstanding it means you may lose solely two hundred to 300 grams a week, concludes Professor Michael Lowe, co-author author of this study.

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