What Best Treadmill Walking Vs Outside Walking

Walking is often considered as an underestimated workout. It is low impact and easier on your body. There is little likelihood of landing up injured after a walking exercise and it is one of the best fat-burners known. You may prefer walking on a treadmill because of the convenience it offers or you may want to go out, watch the scenic beauty and inhale some fresh air while you walk. You may even want to reap the benefits of both.

Your main purpose is burning fat, losing weight and getting in shape. Now, you are wondering which one of these will make you reach your goal faster? Should you choose the treadmill or should you walk outside? Let’s try and settle this debate by measuring the pros and cons of both these type of walking practices on similar parameters.

The surface factor:

When you are walking on the treadmill, you are actually walking on a belt, which is smooth and flat. It is easier on your knees but you may want to give your muscles some challenge and unpredictability.

Running outside provides you this challenge and variability; there is a constant change in the slope and terrain. Running outside can be risky when it is snowing and it can be hard for your knees if you are running on a cemented surface.

The climate factor:

No wind, no sunshine, no rain – WOW, consistent temperature and known weather conditions! That is all you get when you choose to walk on the treadmill. You know the weather and hence know the clothes that you would need, your body does not have to fight the rain or the wind. How about sunshine and vitamin D? These are the two basic elements that you would miss when you make that choice of the treadmill.

Imagine a shining sun, perfect weather – would you want to keep yourselves indoors? If you are a fitness enthusiast, nothing will be able to prevent you from getting out in this weather and soaking yourself up with that daily dose of vitamin D. How about fighting the wind, the rains, the harsh weather, and the ice? You may even experience a fall on the snow, and injuries take longer to heal when it is cold. Carrying your ID card, dressing up in layers, carrying a water bottle are some of the things that can make your walking outside experience great.

The feedback factor:

You are on a weight loss program, a strict cut calories diet and want to know how much you have burned. That’s where your treadmill is going to help! You can get a real-time view of your stats, it will tell you the speed, time taken, calories burnt, everything that’s happening to your body! Now, are you someone who may get discouraged by the stats, who could go low looking at the numbers that seem unachievable? Then, the treadmill may not even be an option for you!

Outdoor walking is a great break from technology, you are outside enjoying your walk. When you enjoy something, you do it better and longer. You do it because you WANT to do it. That’s what happens when you walk outside. And well, if you want to enjoy the sunshine and the weather and still know your walking stats, the pedometer or other walking aids come in handy here. And they do not cost as much as the treadmill! So, you get better benefits at a lower price!

The fun factor:

Treadmills can be really boring. You may want to keep up the fun factor by listening to some music, watching TV, etc. You may even want to change the program mode here, add in the incline, alter your speed, go for interval training, etc. to make things interesting for you.

Walking outside almost always has that fun factor associated with it. The beautiful scenery, your walking buddies, the birds in the park – almost everything keeps you engaged and makes you happy! And since it is fun, you try to integrate walking into your daily routine – your daily grocery shopping, a visit to the mall, taking the stairs, etc.